Q) Is Royal Porcelain tableware microwave or dishwasher-safe?

A) All of our products are microwaveable and dishwasher safe. Exceptions are decorated with gold, silver or platinum.

Note: Microwave gold and platinum can be use in microwave. Please look at the back of the ware to ensure the appropriate type of gold and platinum.


Q) How to protect my tableware's surface from scratch or metal marks?

A) Our tableware is highly resistant to scratches but to avoid such incidents, use liquid detergent and soft sponge for washing and do not rub it with force.

  Recommend  detergent is for metal marking :

1. Load the washer so that pieces do not touch each other, to avoid the risk of Metal Objects (metal racks, Aluminum tray, pots, pans, utensils, etc.)

2. Never use too much detergent

3. Use mind liquid detergent. Because detergent attack can expose particle at the surface, which being harder than metal normally used

4. Metal is not cookware can be scratching , so wooden or plastic utensils are suggested.

5. Not use abrasive cleanser. Using a soft, wet cloth or sponge.


Q) Do Royal Porcelain products meet the international standard of quality?

A) All of our products passed the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) in meeting with its international standards and safety regulations, related particularly to lead and cadmium releases.


Q) What make Royal Porcelain products special?

A) Our tableware is produced at a higher firing temperature than most porcelainware making, it more durable and has better translucency and brilliant glaze.

Products specification


It’s classified as hard porcelain because it acquired higher glost firing temperature

(1,400 C) than normal firing temperature of about 1,200 -1300 C. Porcelain’s

ingredient mix consists of Alumina, Quartz, Feldspar, Kaolin and Ball clay that give it special quality strength, color, non-porous surface. It is resistance to scratching and strong enough to withstand the normal chipping problem


Maxadura, which was invented and specially developed to have great durability

and strength. It is creamy white in colour, and has a shiny and refined texture.

Maxadura is also suitable for the use in the hospitality industry.

Bone China

       Bone China is the finest material there is for superb tableware. It’s most distinctive features are the brilliance of its glaze, the fine translucency of the body, the meticulous finishing, as well as the finest decorations.  In spite of its delicate appearance, bone china is in fact a very strong ceramic material.

Fine China

       Fine China is the new body in ceramic ware and is increasingly popular in the market.With similar qualities to that of Bone China, it has an Alumina additive to improve the strength of the product.


Q) Where can I purchase Royal Porcelain products?

A) For your convenience, we have 5 major showrooms located in prime locations throughout Bangkok and vicinity.

Q) What are some of the benefits for Royal Porcelain members?

A) As Royal Porcelain privilege member, you are entitled to receive many of our exclusive and special offers, including special discounts, private sales, advance purchasing and many more.