Use & care

Follow these tips to keep your Royal Porcelain tableware looking like new for many years:


  • - Use liquid detergent.
  • - For tea/coffee stains, use a specialised stain remover.
  • - Use only a soft sponge - metal or abrasive scouring pads can scratch the surface or leave permanent marks.
  • - Plates can scratch one another, so do not put too many in a sink at one time.


  • - Do not overload the machine with plate.
  • - Use only liquid detergents recommended for machine-washing.
  • - All Royal Porcelain tableware is dishwasher-safe, but we recommend hand-washing any that have gold or platinum decoration.

Microwave Use

  • - Some, but not all Royal Porcelain tableware with gold or platinum decoration is microwave-safe. Look on the back of your plate
       to be sure.
  • - All other Royal Porcelain tableware is microwavable.

Product Care

Freezer Safe

Our product can be used Safely in freezers. Care, however, should be taken when re-heating frozen food. Sudden change of temperature more than 120°C. (e.g. taking from the freezer and directly to hot oven, and vice versa) are likely to cause thermal-shock and breakage.

Microwave Safe

Most of decorations are safe to be used in microwave oven except decorationswith gold, silver, and platinum which can be damaged by hi-temperature.


It is perfectly safe to warm the product gradually and evenly up to 100°C. However, never expose to direct flame such as the top burner of gas stove, or subject tot extreme temperature chang more than 120°C.

Oven Proof

The product can be used in oven with temperature up to 120°C. Never expose to direct flame or subject to extreme temperature changes more than 120°C.** Use of potholders or padded mitts is recommended while removing the product from hot oven / microwave or freezer.

Craze Proof

With high glaze durability and less water absorption than 0.05% the product is safe and hygienic to be used as food container.

 Dishwasher Safe

● Washing Safe

■  Washing by hand

Clean soiled dinnerware using sponge or soft scrub before cleaning with mild liquid detergent. In case of hard stains or leftovers, leave
dinnerware immersed in normal water for 30 minutes, then wash with mild liquid detergent and water again. Leave them dry before storage.

■ Washing by dishwasher

- Clean leftover before loading into dishwasher. Load dinnerware   piece and avoid stacking plates or bowls for best cleaning purpose
   as well as avoiding scratches.

- Fill in mild liquid or powder detergent then start machine with  maximum water temperature at 50°C.

- Apply clean and soft cloth onto dinnerware again to avoid water stain.

- Strictly follow dishwasher manufacturer’s instruction.


Other recommendations

1.  Always wash any new purchases of tableware before use.

2.  Always wash soiled dinnerware within 45 minutes after use.

3.  Avoid cleaning the dinnerware with hard water.

4.  Avoid using harsh scouring pad to clean the dinnerware.


Royal Porcelain product is hard porcelain. Foot area can cause damage to surface of other plates when stacked overloaded. To avoid the scratch, applying protective pads or towels (including paper towel) is recommended to maintain long-lasting life cycle of the product.

Suface Abrasion Resistance

● Metal Marking

Kitchen utensils or any objects with stainless steel or aluminum can leave dark streaks or marks on surface of the product but will not damge the glaze. All Royal Porcelain product are hard-glazed quality and qualify as harder than normal metal. The dark streaks or marks can be removed by vinegar or stainless steel cleaner. It is recommended to use quality stainless steel products such as stainless number 301 or 304 for forks and spoons, stainless number 301 for counters and shelves, and stainless number 401 for knives, etc. Food


Food Safe

All products of Royal Porcelain Public Company Limited are complied with United States standard of Food and Drug Association as well as other international standard requirements which can guarantee of food safe product. US Food and Drug Association or FDA regulates standard for lead and cadmium content of all materials used as glaze that gives smooth and shiny characteristics to all ceramic products such as Porcelain and Bone China with the maximum limit of lead and cadmium as per below.


** Scratches may appear depending on duration, handling, and care of usage.

** Decorations can be faded off depending on duration, handling, and care of usage. We recommend to follow instruction of use and care strictly for long-lasting life cycle of the products.

** Royal Porcelain products are suitable for both hospitality and household use depending on its specific characteristics of each category. Products for hospitality function are specifically designed for heavy duty function. Any of household products either plain white or decoration should not be used on any heavy duty function.

** In case of breakage, avoid cleaning up without cleaning tool to avoid injury.